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After two long years, CITY KITTIES is ready to drop

For the next year, chap.three will be releasing a new short film every Thursday, revolving around the endless permutations of female friendship.

From the very beginning, this has felt like an unsurmountable task. There were so many moments when I thought it would never happen. So many nights I wanted to quit. So afraid to fail. Afraid what people would think. Lauren and I heard so many “no”s. And tomorrow, it’s finally happening. This is a new kind of high.

I’ve never been more proud.

Thin Mints by Ellen Steves

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Over the last few months, I’ve been lucky enough to get to workshop my play THIN MINTS with the talented and fashionable Justin J. Sacramone . Recently, THIN MINTS joined the “Church of the New Theater” play-reading series at the Prop Theater in Chicago.

GERMANY NIGHT by Ellen Steves

Here is a behind the scenes look at one of our CITY KITTIES episodes, GERMANY NIGHT.

This script was written by Lauren Currie and myself after years of doing research as hot drunk messes.

City Kitties Weekend One by Ellen Steves


City Kitties has been a project that Lauren and I have been working on for more than a year now, and last weekend we filmed our first ten episodes! 

Never in my life have I ever felt such camaraderie, such bravery, openness and respect in a collaborative experience. 

Sometimes the universe gives you little reminders that you are on the right track. 

Check out for more information and production photos! 


That's A Wrap! by Ellen Steves


We shot ALL WE HAVE last Saturday. 

It was the middle of a heatwave, it was a 12 hour shoot with sporadic AC. 

It was also the most fun I've had in a long time. 

I came to LA to make things. Meeting the people who came here for the same reason is to know true joy. 


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So excited to announce that I have joined the production team for ALL WE HAVE, a new short by emerging screenwriter Andrew Bridges! This short is about siblings, the secret language between them, and how the most important things often go unsaid. As myself and all my siblings move into more adult roles in the family line, I can relate to these feelings all too well. 

Andrew approached chap.three because he wanted more women to be involved with the project. It is a pleasure to be working round the clock to ensure that this film shoot has the kind of representation that we are striving for.    

CHALLENGE MODE by Ellen Steves


Last week, the Barelight Bears took on a particularly intense challenge. We gave ourselves one week to write a full-length play. We each received writing prompts (so we could not plan beforehand) on Wednesday, January 3rd @ 8:00 pm. By 8:00pm the following Wednesday, we had to have e-mailed copies of our scripts to the group.

There were no rules, except it needed to be 60 pages minimum.

I am proud to present the fruit of my insane labor, BEEFCAKE, a play of Greek proportions about a group of guys who work out for the lord.

The pressure of the time limit was intense, and I think made for some very creative work. It will be exciting to watch as each Bear develops their script over the next several months.  


FREELANCE by Ellen Steves


This past week, I made the huge jump from working in service to working independently on several different longterm writing projects. And it's real scary. I pride myself on following my gut, and my gut told me that I have to try. 

So I'm trying. 

My friend Elise told me these four rules for successful freelancing:






Here we go. 


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Barelight is on the lookout for writers who embody the same set of qualities we hold in highest regard. That is to say, writers who search in the darkest corners for a little bit of light.

We are looking for writers who could use a little support,  who are willing to share work at any stage of development.

Bring us your mess. 

We meet once a week, and are looking for special guests who would be interested in taking advantage of our "Three Hour Residency." program.

If you are eager and interested, please e-mail me at




Silverlake Picture Show by Ellen Steves

Last week, the Silverlake Picture Show screened "A League Of Their Own".

Besides featuring queen goddess Geena Davis; it was a great reminder that progress starts and stops. We take two steps forward and three steps back. You could feel it permeate through the crowd; we were grateful, we were relieved. We could love America because America is baseball. We could love ourselves because we are baseball. 

It felt good to be hopeful. 

That's my favorite thing about the picture show. It's not just movies. There is a thirst in this city. We are craving to connect. We want community, now more than ever before. Gathering together to celebrate being alive. 

Because they can't take away our right to meet.

BARELIGHT by Ellen Steves

BARELIGHT is a new collective of writers with teeth; writers who search in the darkest corners. 

Started by Ashley Rose Wellman, John Allis, and myself, BARELIGHT is a support group for like-minded individuals. In the next few months, we will be accepting submissions for writers who want to receive feedback on new work, brainstorm new ideas, develop pitches, etc. 

SUMMER of '69 by Ellen Steves

A few years ago, myself and my friends camped out in a ghost town and made a movie about charles manson. 

after touring on the festival circuit, SUMMER OF 69 is now available for everyone to watch on vimeo! so exciting! 

You can check out the film right here


FRESH PAINT by Ellen Steves

It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. 

since moving from nyc, i've been spending a lot of time reflecting on what it means to begin again. Sometimes it's in frustration, sometimes in joy.

the scratches in our coffee tables will always be there. 

it's never too late to start something new.