half hour scripts

meat house


14 year old Ellis can’t stop fighting. Living in a house of quiet beauty queens, she is the epitome of the black sheep.

Growing up in Greeley, Colorado, where the only thing of note is the giant slaughterhouse, Ellis tries to navigate the choppy waters of adolescence.



creeptown was written in collaboration with Lauren Currie. Half the population in Marble Falls are murderers, and the other half are prey. This is the story of two families who live on either side of the divide.



Ryan, fresh out of rehab for alcoholism, returns to his upper-middle class family of drunks. He thinks he is finally making good choices, but his parents just think he’s a quitter. Can he put together a new life or will he go back to his old habits?

Based on true events.


american meat 1.jpg

AMERICAN MEAT is a meditation on toxic masculinity and the fall of the American Middle Class. 

We follow Travis, a classic underachiever who works at a dying mall. His obsession with overpowering and objectifying women comes from his deep insecurity with himself. 

With a brother suffering from debilitating PTSD, an extreme couponer for a mother, and an ex-wrestler for a dad, Travis always seems to get lost in the shuffle. 

AMERICAN MEAT is propelled by what is happening right now in the news. Each episode will be ripped directly from the headlines, from Flint, Michigan to Donald Trump. 



SHIFTS is the story of a brunch restaurant in the middle of Manhattan. Based on my years of serving in the city, SHIFTS is all about hangovers, hookups, and hedonists.

I have worked in resteraunts since I was a teenager, and I have learned one thing: serving is a stupid job for smart people.   


knights and weekends.jpg

KNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS is the story about a group of deadbeats who work at a run-down, failing Medieval Times-inspired dinner theater. When the rumor of foreclosure starts floating around, one woman has to use everything she's got to unite the team, and save the restaurant from an evil creep who wants to turn it into a strip club.  

Written by Ellen and her longtime collaborator Becca Plunkett, KNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS is about battles for honor, power, and who gets to go home early.