is a writer and producer from Denver, Colorado. 


When Ellen was a little girl,

her elementary school participated in a civil war re-enactment. on the day of the battle, the COLUMBINE MASSACRE took place down the street.

these two events are cemented together in ellen's mind. 

since that moment, and the frenzy that took place afterward, ellen has become fascinated with the semiotics of performative violence. 

her work often focuses on the following themes:









After Graduating from Cornish College of the Arts in 2010,

ellen and several of her closest collaborators created boom! theater company, a collective of artists focused on the conception, incubation, and production of new work; pushing boundaries in both content and form. 


in 2011, boom! turned a warehouse into a performance space and illegal bar. 

in this space, they created over 40 new and exciting works, and threw some legendary parties. they were eventually forced to close their doors in 2013 when they were priced out of the neighborhood.

the theater is now a parking lot for tesla vehicles. so it goes.


in 2014, boom! decided to relocate to New York City.


they took over a brownstone in bed-stuy.

living communally, they turned their basement into a rehearsal space, an art gallery, and a community staple. 

meanwhile, ellen was attending columbia university, persuing her MFA in Playwriting. she worked with core teachers lynn nottage, david henry hwang, chuck mee, and frank pugliese to create a cannon of material. 

in the summer of 2017, boom! decided to part ways. 

so it goes.  

california girl

After graduation from Columbia University,

ellen and her co-conspirator robert packed up a tiny prius with an absurd amount of books (and one very grumpy cat), and drove across country to los angeles, california. they settled down in echo park where they shop for vintage sunglasses and don't sweat the small stuff.

ellen is now a member of the barelight writers project, and is currently starting chap.three, a new production company with her best friend lauren currie.

chap.three will focus on creating a space for stories that haven't been told from people who haven't been heard. they are dedicated to creating opportunities for women of all colors and creeds, because, and say it with me now, feminism without intersectionality is just white supremacy.